Tips of Mount Ijen Tour

Visiting the mountains is often tricky. Especially if you do not have the prior experience of hiking. But do not worry. Even if you are not interested in hiking, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and activities that will refresh your mind and soul during your daily working hours. To help you prepare for your trip, there are a few tips and tricks of Mount Ijen Tour that can help you on your journey.

Prepare your strength

The path to get to Ijen Crater is quite tiring because all the lanes are extremely steep. Of course, tourists who are not accustomed to going up the mountain need to adapt if they want to climb to the peak of the mountain. Therefore, before heading to Ijen, it is better to do physical exercise first to prepare the body for climbing without getting in an accident or getting sick.

Be careful of sulfur

As we all know, Mount Ijen is an active volcano that contains sulfur. The Ijen area is often closed because the sulfur content is too high which can be dangerous for both the traveler and miners in the area. The Ijen area can be closed at any time, even when you get there. When you have entered the crater area, high levels of sulfur smoke can come to you. If the sulfur is really strong, the stinging smell not only makes you cough and dizzy, you can get sick and even die poisoned by the sulfur on the mountain. So prepare masks to prevent you inhaling sulfur.

Listen to the guide

Sometimes visitors can get a bit challenged and wanting to wander alone near the crate. Sometimes, the mountain is closed but people still want to go hike to the top to prove themselves. Do not do this. It is very dangerous and, more often than not, get someone hurt or even die. Please think about the consequences and keep yourself and others safe.

Keep the environment safe

Do not litter around the mountain area. It can be really dangerous and damage the surrounding ecosystem. Because the crate can be really dangerous, do not throw cigarette buds in them. Behave properly as you do on the house of someone you just met. There is always an ongoing myth surrounding mountains, and surely you don’t want to be the next main star of them.

There are our tips for the mount given tour. Safety is the number one priority for traveling. Happy traveling!

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